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Welcome to Our Functional Medicine Practice

Dr. Lynne Murfin opened her Functional Medicine practice in 2010 and has grown to be a leading provider of Functional and Integrative medical care to hundreds of patients. Dr. Murfin has built a team of highly skilled, experienced, and dedicated clinicians, practitioners, and administrative staff who are ready to support your individualised journey to better health and vitality.

This is your first step to a happier, healthier and more vigorous you. Our team of functional medicine practitioners will empower you as an active participant in your own health.

Our functional medicine practice provides highly personalized, integrated care through a comprehensive understanding of your body’s systems, helping you navigate the landscape of your healing journey.

We look forward to partnering with you on your healing journey!

  • Functional Medicine Physicians

  • Functional Medicine Physicians

Collaborative Care Model

Lynne Murfin MD offers healing through the collaborative care model. The holistic health experience is between practitioner and patient, as well as between practitioners on the LMMD team.

Dr. Lynne Murfin, Dr. Michelle Van Der Westhuizen, Dr. Julie Hong, Nurse Practitioners April Chiswell, and Kate Lomas work closely with one another on patient care. Lynne Murfin MD offers the highest level of care, leaving no stone unturned when it comes to your health. The collaborative care model is also designed to minimize wait times for your convenience.

You will complete your intake process at our Functional Medicine practice with any one of our physicians. Our doctors alternate visits with patients so each may advocate for you, giving you an optimal course of care. This model  allows you to recieve multiple physicians' expertise and support to  your journey toward health and holistic living.

The Functional Health program gives you the opportunity to be  referred to any number of practitioners on our team. You may choose to engage with experts in Nutrition, Skin Therapy, Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, Yoga, Health Coaching, Reflexology, Lymphatic Drainage Therapy and more. Our goal is to offer you the opportunity to approach health from all angles!


Dear Functional Medicine and Family Practice patients,

The clinic has moved toward a partial physical re-opening of Functional Medicine services based on the advice from the College of Physicians and Suregons of Alberta and the lifting of restrictions in accordance with Alberta's Chief Medical Officer of Health.

These services include neurofeedback, IV clinic, phlebotomy, and supplement curbside pick-up.

All clinicians are seeing their functional and family patients virtually via zoom or telephone currently and in clinic appointments are available on a case by case bases. 

We want to assure you we have several safeguards in place to protect our patients and staff against the spread of COVID-19, including:

  • The waiting room and clinical areas have been organized to ensure physical distancing can be maintained while in the clinic
  • Increased cleaning and disinfection practices
  • Access to hand sanitizer, masks and gloves for all patients and use of PPE for staff
  • Appointments are at staggered times to maintain physical distancing.
  • Daily patient and staff screening to ensure those feeling unwell stay home

Our Functional Medicine practice is in full compliance with Alberta Health Service guidelines at this time.

Please reach out to reception via telephone at (587) 390-0180 to book your appointments or through the Health Myself patient portal. You will be required to complete a short COVID-19 questionnaire prior to attending an in-clinic appointment.

Patients that do not require physical assistance are asked to attend their appointments alone.

Patients exhibiting COVID-19 signs or symptoms are not permitted in the clinic.
Do not attend the clinic if you suspect exposure.

For your safety & ours, MASKS ARE MANDATORY while visiting our clinic.

Dr. Lynne Murfin

Dr. Lynne Murfin

Medical Director & Founder

Dr. Murfin is whole-heartedly focused on her life’s mission to help people heal and achieve extraordinary outcomes. She believes that health is more than merely the absence of disease. It is a total state of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social wellbeing through the creation of a whole and meaningful life. Dr. Murfin leaves no stone unturned to determine the root cause of illness or imbalance. Dr. Murfin’s qualifications and certifications include: MBChB, LMCC, CCFP, ABAARM, FAARM, IFMCP

Dr. Michelle Van der Westhuizen, Functional Medicine Physician

Dr. Michelle Van Der Westhuizen

Functional Physician

One of Dr. Michelle's greatest passions in life is to help people to help themselves. She understands that your current health tells a story and that when you have symptoms of disease your body is already out of balance. She believes that we should not have to settle for anything other than our most vital self and that her job is to figure out how to put you back on track. Dr. Michelle qualifications and certifications include: MBChB, LMCC, CCFP, IFMCP, FAAMFM

Dr. Julie Hong, Functional Medicine Physician

Dr. Julie Hong

Functional Physician

When Dr. Hong discovered the whole picture lens that functional medicine offers, she discovered a path to accurately assess and address the root causes of dysfunction in her patients. Dr. Hong is passionate about helping patients learn about themselves. She  equips them to make informed choices for healing on their terms and focuses on the optimization of well-being. Dr. Julie is grateful to be part of anyone’s curiosity-led adventure to discovering their true expanding potential. Her qualifications and certifications include: CCFP CTM IFMCP 

April Chiswell, Functional Nurse Practitioner

April Chiswell

Functional Nurse Practitioner (NP) & IV Clinician

April knows that what you do in your daily life makes a difference in your health. She manages the IV Clinic, providing IV Vitamin/ Mineral Therapy, Chelation Therapy, Blood Testing, and Lifestyle Education - all of which are integral to your healing process. With a Functional Medicine focus to her nursing education, April supports patients with diet, exercise, and healing programs. April holds the following qualifications and certifications: MScN, BScN

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Kate Lomas, Functional Nurse Practitioner

Kate Lomas

Functional Nurse Practitioner (NP) & IV Clinician

It is Kate's joy and privilege to encourage patients to become the healthiest version of themselves. After caring for patients in critical care settings, Kate was determined to further her involvement in health promotion. Her experience as a paediatric emergency nurse paired with her own health journey motivated Kate to take an alternative approach to health care. Kate Lomas holds the following qualifications and certifications: MScN, BScN

Dr. Ayla Lester, Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Ayla Lester

Naturopathic Doctor (ND)

Dr. Lester incorporates a holistic approach to viewing your body and believes in the healing power of nature - your body's ability to heal itself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually when provided the proper environment. Using your body’s intuitive roadmap, she focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of imbalances to eliminate symptoms and optimize your wellbeing. Her goal is simple; to support you (all of you) in health, naturally. Dr. Ayla Lester's qualifications include ND, BSc

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Nora Kassay-Farkas

Nora Kassay-Farkas

Consultant, Natural Nutrition Clinical Practitioner & Health Coach

With an extensive background in medical science and Functional Medicine, Nora is pleased to provide nutrition consultations and functional medicine health coaching to our patients. Nora believes that we are often faced with great opportunity brilliantly disguised as an impossible situation. Nora holds the following qualifications and certifications : MSc, CHN, NNCP FMC.

Jane Prescot

Jane Prescot

Functional Medicine Health Coach, CIRS Proficiency Partner Diplomate & IV Clinician

After decades of working in a variety of acute/critical care and community nursing specialties, Jane took a deep dive into the world of functional medicine. Motivated by her own health journey, she later certified as a Functional Medicine Health Coach. Jane believes in the innate wisdom of the body, and that identifying root causes and restoring balance on every level (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) is good medicine. She is passionate about empowering those who have chosen a functional/ integrative approach to take an active role in their wellness journey. Jane’s certifications include: RN, FMCHC.


Kelly Ashton

RMT & Reflexologist

Kelly is a registered massage therapist, a lymphatic drainage specialist and reflexologist. She specializes in working with clients who have CIRS (or chronic inflammatory response syndrome). Kelly will be  focusing on treating patients with lymphatic drainage to remove toxins such as mold byproducts, cell fragments, fat and protein as well as boosting their immune system.  She graduated from MacEwan University, where she trained to become a Holistic Health Practitioner in the areas of Therapeutic Reflexology, Touch for Health and Acupressure. Kelly holds the following qualifications: RMT, CLT, ALT, HHPR, MLD.

Michelle Gregory

Michelle Gregory

Clinic Manager

Michelle completed post secondary education in Business and Accounting. She brings more than twenty years of experience in a variety of management roles. Formerly, Michelle was the director of operations for a private medical practice as well as clinic manager in family and private medical clinics. She is responsible for day-to-day clinic operations, human resources, supply chain and accounting.

Kayla Russell

Kayla Russell

Receptionist &
Patient Care Coordinator

With her strong organization skills, efficiency, and warm personality, Kayla runs many of the front end day-to-day aspects of the practice effortlessly. Kayla is the first and last point of contact for our patients and has been with Lynne Murfin MD since the beginning in 2004. She prides herself on always putting the patients first, and developing a clear understanding of how to assist them in achieving their health goals. Kayla is a qualified Medical Office Assistant.


Emily Gopal

Communications &
Patient Care Coordinator

Emily is a recent university graduate and has worked in different areas of medicine since completing her degree. Her function is to support patients during their health journey at Lynne Murfin MD and helps coordinate communications between our clinicians and patients as well as a wide range of other patient affairs. Emily hopes to continue her education in the near future and compete medical school. Her educational background is a BSc. majoring in Biochemistry.

Katelyn McLellan

Katelyn McLellan

Brain Health Nurse & IV Clinician

Katelyn works in the IV clinic & brain health Neurofeedback. She has a passion for health and believes that when people are living a healthy life style they can be their best self. She loves helping people find optimal health through her work at the clinic, including IV therapy. Katelyn loves to support patients in her role and to witness the healing journey firsthand. Katelyn is a Licensed Practical Nurse.


Lelani Navarathne

IV Clinician

Lelani brings close to twenty years of nursing experience to her role in our IV clinic. She has worked in emergency, operating room, labor and delivery, cardiac, in-service education, and various clinic environments. Most recently, Lelani worked part-time in the area of IV therapy in Naturopathic and Functional Medicine clinics in Calgary. Her certifications include: RN, CLPNA.

Elena Oplado

Elena Oplado


Elena is a registered dialysis nurse from the Philippines who cares for her patients holistically and with compassion. Being a part of the entire patient healing process is a joy for Elena. She understands the critical role that drawing blood has in health and in the patient care process at LMMD. Through blood analysis, patients are able to receive the correct diagnostic information to begin their treatment plan and to start their journey towards optimal health and vitality!


Sherry Odgers


Sherry is the newest member to our team. She will be another friendly face you will meet and is dedicated to providing exceptional service. She brings with her 8 years of medical office background and is a qualified Medical Office Assistant.


Tegan Collins

Clinic Assistant & Receptionist

Tegan is responsible for welcoming all patients and guests to clinic and fulfills a range of accountabilities in the front and back office of the clinic. She is a recent Bishop Carroll High School graduate exploring new adventures.