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The Lynne Murfin Journey

Physician heal thyself. A proverb Dr. Lynne Murfin has heard her entire working life and yet, she did not truly understand its meaning until she put it into practice.

My personal journey with Functional Medicine begins with a single realization. The way I was practicing medicine, planting both feet firmly in the traditional, would never work for me. Only until I, the physician, became "the patient," did things become obvious.

The journey to regaining my health and finding the courage to open Lynne Murfin MD is the story of my life. My aim continues to be the disruption of the status quo by stepping away from the realm of tradition and introducing people like you to the possibilities of a new kind of preventative health care.

Lynne Murfin

Lynne Murfin MD: The Beginning

Born and raised in South Africa, Dr. Lynne Murfin earns her medical degree at The University of Cape Town in 1988. Like most new MDs, she throws herself into her practice with youthful zeal. It was the beginning of a great and wonderful new journey.

Those first years as a doctor was baptism by fire. I practiced family and emergency medicine in one of the most dangerous hospital environments in the world (Johannesburg & Soweto in 1989-1992). Four years in, something gave. The stress and the ever-present danger that came with a volatile political climate took its toll.

My decision to accept a six-month assignment in northern Saskatchewan came at a perfect time. Taking a break from South Africa and practicing medicine in a new country was so much needed. The opportunity to fulfill a childhood dream of visiting the Arctic, finally arrived. My new home brought everything I was hoping for, providing early insight into my future self. As a  physician, I had always felt I was only treating the symptoms of  disease and not the underlying cause.

Soon after, I meet my future husband and move to Saskatoon to practice family medicine, gynaecology and maternity at the respected Queen Street Medical Group. In 2000, my husband and I continue our journey together to the middle east because of his work as an oil and gas executive. I accept an opportunity as specialist physician, part of the advanced team at the state-of-the-art American Hospital in Dubai.

Four years later, we return to Canada, settle in Calgary and fulfilled a dream of opening a family practice of my own.

A Plot Twist

One evening in March 2008, Dr. Lynne Murfin experiences a life-changing plot twist. She is stopped in her tracks by crushing chest pain, shortness of breath, and absolute panic. Her fatigue, accellerating for years fuels anxiety from each waking day and only settling when at sleep. Her body cannot handle the fatigue silently any longer.

At the age of 40, by most expectations, I am the picture of health. However, my achievements did not outweigh the strain I put on my body and mind over the years. My memory began to resemble one far beyond its years. Recalling details became a challenge. Adding migraines and gluten sensitivity to the mix was the recipe for disaster.

Even after a string of appointments with my GP, a cardiologist, and a psychiatrist, I recieve no real answers. My bloodwork is evaluated, my brain is scanned, and my IQ is tested, still nothing. What is wrong with me? The question lingered, filling my mind with worry.

I close the Family Practice and drop the emergency room night shifts all at once. Additionally, I stop delivering precious babies and retreat from from the outside world, all things I never thought I would do!

When the Rain Goes, Rainbows

When will the rain go and I see my rainbow again? My body is failing me but I do not give up. There must be reasons and I am determined to find them. Over the next three years, I leave no stone unturned in the quest to find these answers. As with any challenge, experiencing more than a few false starts along the way becomes the norm. During the ordeal, I find something that would heal not only myself, but also my patients, in a far more meaningful and life-impacting way than ever dreamed of while in medical school.

That life changing 'something' is Functional Medicine and the 7 Core Nodes of Healing.

It has healed me and it will heal you.

My Answers: Let the healing begin

I got my answers and it was time to let the healing begin. I needed to heal my brain, my heart and my energy all at once. My brain health was directly impacted by 2 factors:

1) Heavy metal toxicity by by poor food choices (tuna), seven home renovations in 15 years (lead exposure), and amalgam fillings (mercury)

2) Neurotransmitter changes due to the night shifts in the ER. These  affected my circadian rhythm, leading to poor quality sleep and recovery. High stress leading to hormone disruption and loss of physical and emotional resiliency. This caused my heart health to change.

Making the Changes to Heal

I began making changes immediately in my life. Within only six months, these changes began to heal and brought me back to the woman I was when I graduated from Medical School a decade ago. I started my anti-inflammatory eating plan and the “6-R Gut Healing Program”, and saw rapid visible improvement.

I provided my cells nutrient dense, whole real foods. My eating plan gave my body nutrients it needed to make energy, but they also contained good chemical messages for my genes. You see, your food tells your genes what to do – either to create vitality or illness.

While I healed my gut, I fast-tracked my recovery by using customized intravenous nutrient infusions that delivered the nutrients that I needed directly to the cells of my body. Despite how complex it sounds, it was really quite easy. The first R of the 6-R Gut Healing Program is REMOVE – remove the offending foods, chemicals, toxicants, overwork, social isolation, and stressors.

Replace What is Missing

From there, I moved on to the second R – REPLACE what is missing – healthy sleep, exercise, nutrient dense real food, calming rituals, connection with friends and family and breath work to strengthen the healing tone of the vagus nerve.

And, it worked. Once my hormones were balanced, my energy and sleep improved. Plus, I reinvigorated the energy powerhouses that I had depleted for so long (CoQ10 and Magnesium). Once I optimized my neurotransmitters, the chest pain vanished - and those migraines? Gone.

Functional and integrative medicine helped me find a renewed sense of vitality and passion for life.

Once again, I became my true unstoppable self, and you can too!

Lynne Murfin