Functional Medicine Approach to headaches

A Functional Medicine Approach to Finding the Root Cause of Headaches

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Do you ever wonder what the root cause of your headaches is? Probably not in the middle of having one. You just want it gone. The functional medicine approach does not stop at the symptoms. It is a whole-body approach that asks what the root cause of those symptoms is. It’s at the moment you realize that your headaches don’t …


Nourishing Hope Through a Positive Relationship with Food

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Food is nourishment for your body, mind, and soul, but what about nourishing hope? Clients who are so ill and reactive to food can barely eat anything. It is one of the most challenging areas of my practice. The very thing that can heal feels like it is harming and causing a source of stress. Amy Bondar, Nutritional Therapist at …

Reflexology for Seniors

Amazing Health Benefits of Reflexology for Seniors

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Reflexology can induce some amazing health benefits for seniors or virtually anyone. People are living longer and not necessarily healthier. Prescription medications are keeping them alive without giving them the quality of life they promise. This functional medicine practice involves the manipulation of defined pressure points on the feet, hands, lower legs, face, or ears. The theory is that these …

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

11 Conditions That Benefit From Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

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Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, or LDT, is a gentle and non-invasive treatment that benefits the functions of the human body in many ways. The main system that reaps rewards from LDT is the immune system. LDT gives the immune system a boost, which benefits a myriad of symptoms and conditions that can plague the human body. Conditions such as congestion, swelling, …

benefits of reflexology

20 Astounding Benefits of Reflexology

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Reflexology doesn’t sound very astounding in theory but it can benefit your body incredibly in practice. It is a functional medicine practice that involves the manipulation of defined pressure points on the feet, hands, lower legs, face, or ears. The theory is that these pressure points correspond to various areas of the body. The application of pressure on these specific …

AutoImmune Protocol Diet

AIP Recipes: April’s Fave-5 “GO-TO’s”

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I’m April, Functional Nurse Practitioner & IV Clinician at Lynne Murfin MD. I’m so excited to share my 5 favourite “GO-TO” AIP recipes (autoimmune protocol) for anyone who is just starting AIP and finding daunting. These recipes will prove to get you excited about food again! The autoimmune protocol (AIP) diet is a fairly new, food-based approach aimed at reducing inflammation and …