Functional Medicine Health Coaching with Nudge

Ready to start the journey to understanding your health?

Functional Medicine Health Coaching is designed to bridge the gap between diagnosis and transformation. A health coach acts as your ally and works in collaboration with your health care team to assist you in navigating through the protocols designed for you.

Our Health Coaches at LMMD have been trained in the health coaching certification process offered by the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy (FMCA), an affiliate of the Institute for Functional Medicine.

They also utilize the Nudge app to help you meet your goals. Nudge Coaching is a health and wellness platform based on the nudge theory of behaviour change - it promotes using gentle nudges to move people toward making positive decisions.


Results that you could expect to see with our Health Coaching include:

  • Feeling motivated to make positive changes
  • Guidance through dietary changes, food plans, and physical activity protocols
  • Tools like the Nudge app, which connects you to your coach so you have an accountability partner who assists with implementing your new lifestyle changes
  • Group coaching sessions
  • Encouragement

If you feel that you could use support and encouragement between appointments, gentle accountability, or guidance with any aspect of implementing your care plan, Nudge Health Coaching may be the right fit for you.

Please contact reception at (587) 390-0180 to book a consult or for more information.