Kate Lomas

Functional Nurse Practitioner

Ready to start the journey to understanding your health?

Functional Nurse Practitioner

Hi, I'm Kate Lomas, a Functional Nurse Practitioner and IV Clinician at Lynne Murfin MD.
I'm so excited to share my expertise and credentials with you!

Kate Lomas Certifications and Credentials

  • Master of Nursing: Family Nurse Practitioner, Athabasca University, 2019
  • ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) 2020
  • IFMCP (Institute for Functional Medicine Certification courses)
  • Cardio Advanced Practice, 2020
  • Immune Advanced Practice, 2020
  • Hormone Advanced Practice, 2020
  • Bioenergetics Advanced Practice, 2020
  • GI Advanced Practice, 2018
  • Environmental Health, 2018
  • Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice, 2017
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing, York University, 2005

Special Interests

My special interests  include women and children’s health as well as pelvic floor dysfunction and sexual health.  I enjoy working with patients to optimize their diet and lifestyles as they address both acute and chronic health care conditions.  Helping patients with chronic and acute conditions such as Diabetes, Crohns, IBS, Hypothyroid, PMS and Menopause and Perimenopausal Hormone Imbalances is another one of my great interests.


A healthy outside starts on the inside.  I have a passion for creating and finding healthy food alternatives for my family and patients.  

The Kate Lomas Mission

As an NP, I aspire to help people tap into their body’s unique ability to find wellness and balance.  Each person is unique and so too should be the approach to everyone’s journey towards wellness.  It is my great privilege to be able to share in a person’s wellness journey and I look forward to working with my patients as they work towards optimizing their health and wellbeing.