Our Approach

This model assists Dr. Murfin in organizing client health by focusing on the patient as a whole. Each node represents a set of biological functions that are interconnected, much like a web, all influencing each other. Through detailed quantitative testing and keen analysis, we look at the overall function and organ efficiency of each system in the model.

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Seven Nodes of Healing

Seven Nodes of Healing

Improve gut health

Clear out allergens, bacteria, fungi, and parasites, eliminate food sensitivities, repair digestion with enzymes, add probiotics (good bugs) and prebiotics (food for good bugs), as well as essential healing nutrients to stimulate your vagus nerve for optimal digestion and absorption.

Boost brain power & mood

Get your three-pound energetic genius functioning optimally again through neurotransmitter balancing, nutrient repletion, hormonal balancing, mitochondrial energy re-booting, gut healing, detoxification, lowering bodily inflammation, and examining the mind/body connection.

Balance hormones

By testing adrenal gland function, the thyroid hormone, and insulin together, LMMD reveals the interconnected relationship within the body’s Neuro-Endo-Immune (NEI) system to facilitate better communication among your body’s cells.

Enhance detoxification

Enhancing cellular function involves awareness about your air, food, water, organs, and the electromagnetic fields you expose yourself to - all of which can lead to tangible improvements in your endocrine and reproductive systems.

Restore heart vitality

Give this hard-working organ some help by replenishing its four key nutrients: Magnesium, L-Carnitine, COQ10, and D-Ribose to maximize your heart's supply of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate).

Optimize immune balance

By assessing biomarkers of the immune system (cytokines) as well as your genomics to determine where there may be frailties, LMMD pinpoints the problem at the source.

Increase energy

Understanding your body’s metabolism involves knowing how energy is produced and where it may be blocked in its mitochondrial cells - and supplements paired with immune-boosting intravenous infusions serve to clear out damaged cells while supercharging your body.

Mind / Body / Soul / Spirit

Striving to heal your being involves fully examining your meaning and purpose in life, what has value to you, and how you achieve connection with yourself, your family, your friends, and your community.