Tips for Success

How to make the most of your healing journey.

Ready to start the journey to understanding your health?

Ten Patient Success Tips

I. Be Curious & Open-Minded

Try something new! Get away from the idea of "pill popping" and open yourself to new lifestyle changes that will put you on the course to a happy, healthy life. Don't be afraid to try new healthy foods, make a daily schedule, or pick up a new hobby that enhances your mind and body.


II. Daily Routines!

Not every change has to be a huge, profound one to be healthy. Small changes to your routine can open up a wealth of benefits. By making one tiny health promoting change in your routine each day, you will soon find yourself firmly on the path to a wholesome, healthy lifestyle.

These little changes could be as simple as taking a half hour away from the bustle of life to relax and ease away some stress or preparing and freezing all your meals on the weekend so you don't have to rush to get dinner on the table during a busy work week. Think ahead and find the stressful or unhealthy aspects of your life that you can chip away at.

III. Learn All You Can!

Knowledge is the key to success in every aspect of life and health is no exception. Ask questions and research the different aspects of health, especially the aspects that impact your specific needs the most. In the digital age, gaining access to information is as easy as a few keystrokes. Between search engines, Facebook groups, forums, and online journal publications, there is no lack of opportunity to learn about any health concern you may have or talk to others who may share those same concerns.

IV. Preparation!

Knowledge isn't the only thing of importance when it comes to living a healthy life. Organization is also a key factor. As anyone who has had to take medications for any length of time will know, remembering which one to take at what time can be a hassle. It's no different with supplements. Making out an easy-to-follow list or getting a pill box that lets you measure out each dosage for each time of day are simple steps that can not only reduce the stress of trying to remember but can also keep you on track by making sure you don't miss anything.

V. Ask For Help! Communicate!

Help is available through two main resources: Your family and friends. All life changes, even when made for the best reasons, can be difficult, so a strong support system will be extremely helpful. Having people who understand what you're doing, why you're doing it, and who are willing to help, are an exceptional aid to getting and staying healthy.

And remember, we're here for you! Helping you is the primary reason our clinic exists. If at any time, you run into something you don't understand, or you simply want more information about, don't hesitate to contact us. All questions, big or small, will be answered.

Additionally, if you would like to schedule or cancel an appointment, please call the office (587) 390 0180.

For all other inquiries, your questions will be responded to most efficiently via email.

VI. Invest in Your Health!

Don't wait to take action. The sooner you complete the tests we've recommended, the sooner we can get you on the right track to better health. While waiting for the results, take advantage of the time to get a step ahead and speed up your healing process, especially if you're experiencing autoimmune disease or multiple chemical sensitives, by investing in your IV program.
And please, book your appointments! That is the most vital step towards achieving optimal health.

VII. Surround Yourself with a Healing Team!

One person cannot meet all your needs, so surround yourself with a like-minded team who can help you with your healing goals. (i.e. Nutritionist, Health Coach, Acupuncturist, Chiropractor, Biological Dentist, Manual Therapist, etc). Think collaboratively!

VIII. Reduce Stress!

If there was only one thing to implement for better health, it would be to reduce stress. Pay attention to how you feel and determine what causes you stress (people, places, things). How can you reduce or eliminate some of the causes? Stress has a huge impact on your mind/body/spirit/soul, which in turn impacts every cell of your body. If you can reduce your stress by even 10% that is also a 10% gain for your healing journey. What can you change or do differently? Perhaps it is meditation, less interaction with a stressful person, reducing inflammatory foods, surrounding yourself with like-minded people with whom you can talk to, having an outlet for those more stressful days, such as a 20-minute walk in the fresh air, or sitting in nature reading a good book, or starting a gratitude journal to shift your mindset. Each small step creates big gains when it comes to reducing stress and ultimately improving your health.

IX. Start Small and Slow If You Need To!

People are naturally different. There is a unique quality to everyone and each person has different factors playing into their lives and affecting their health. The events that lead to illness, the triggers, and the antecedents will differ among each person.

Due to these differences, not all healing processes will be the same. While some people may be more successful by making big changes immediately, others will flourish by gradually making small changes. The changes needed to become healthy may feel overwhelming if done in one big step and lead to trouble sticking to it. In these cases, taking the slow and steady approach is usually the best option and leads to a better outcome.

X. Understand There Will Be Peaks and Valleys!

We've all heard that patience is a virtue and that saying holds true when it comes to working to optimize your health. Making changes is not always easy and as with any challenge in life, there may be setbacks along the way. It's okay to make a misstep and tumble because not all of this is going to be easy, but learn from those missteps and stay committed to your goal. It's important to be realistic about expectations and to realize that a full change will not happen overnight. It's going to take hard work and perseverance, but if you stick to it, regardless of how many missteps you encounter, you will eventually reach the goal of optimal health.