What to Expect

By booking your appointment with Dr. Murfin, you have made the choice to pursue full vitality and healing! Here’s what this process will look like.

Ready to start the journey to understanding your health?

Our Process

I. It Begins

This initial appointment is the first step to a healthier you! Your first three appointments are booked at intake time.

II. Get Booked

From here, set up your appointment with Calgary Lab Services to complete your bloodwork and test kits.

III. Physical

The next important piece to your program is your Physical Examination and the review of your CLS test results with your physician. You’ll also find out what your coherence score is using HeartMath testing.

IV. Nutrition

Complete nutrition is your next step as you explore your therapeutic eating plan with one of our Nutrition Consultants.

V. Implement

This where you begin your Therapeutic Program Implementation and receive your personalized Functional Medicine program.

VI. Fast Track

Schedule your first individualized Intravenous Nutrient Therapy Infusion in the IV Suite.

VII. Embark

Begin your Nutritional Program and Lifestyle Implementation recommendations based on your customized food sensitivity and stool testing.

VIII. Follow Up

Schedule your initial 4-week follow up visit and continue to visit us every four weeks for the first three months.