Functional Nutrition

Ready to start the journey to understanding your health?

The practice of Functional Nutrition follows a systems approach to healthcare. It considers every part of the body and the interrelationship of these body parts to one another. The ultimate goal is finding the root cause of your health problems. Functional nutrition gives advice only after taking into consideration every aspect of one's overall diet, health and lifestyle. Our Functional Nutrition Consultant takes into consideration the mind and the spirit in connection with the body when determining root causes of illness and treatments to health conditions.

One of Dr. Lynne Murfin’s common sayings is "Food First." This is for good reason. Gut health plays a critical role in the function of the immune system and in overall health. Foods causing inflammation are a key factor in the development of illness. At LMMD, the success of your healing is, to a very large extent, dependent on the foods you eat.

Comprehensive Care

Our Functional Nutrition Consultant has the ability to consult with MDs at the practice, when advising on your health condition. This integrative medicine approach gives you the most comprehensive care you can receive in connection to every aspect of your life, physical and emotional.

If you are diagnosed with a condition, depending on your diagnosis, you may be asked to see our Functional Nutrition Consultant. Using your symptoms and test results as a guide, they will be able to create a custom eating plan that will help you transition back to wellness. Whether you are struggling with an autoimmune condition, poor digestion, chronic pain, food sensitivies, allergies or intolerances, SIBO, IBS or simply need some help knowing how to make sense of what to eat, know that our entire team  are highly skilled and available to help.

Lynne Murfin MD Functional Nutritional Coach Nora Kassay-Farkas can help lead you to healing.

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