Collaborative Care Model

Lynne Murfin MD offers a collaborative care experience of healing between practitioner and patient, as well as between practitioners on the LMMD team.

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Functional Medicine Physicians

Functional Medicine Physicians

The Lynne Murfin MD team of functional medicine physicians offer a Collaborative Care Model that is designed to offer the highest level of care. With this model, our practice  leaves no stone unturned and minimizes wait times. Dr. Lynne Murfin, Dr. Michelle Van Der Westhuizen and Dr. Julie Hong, Functional Medicine Physicians, work closely with one another on patient care.

You may complete your intake process with any one of our functional medicine doctors. Furthermore, our doctors may alternate for your future visits. Our patients benefit greatly from this type of collaborative care as more than one doctor advocates for your health. You have a team of health care providers advocating for you and more than one physician available to you.

As part of your Functional Health program, you may also be referred to, or choose to engage with, any number of practitioners on our team including those who work in Nutrition, Skin Therapy, Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, Yoga, Health Coaching, and more. Our goal is to offer you the opportunity to approach health from all angles!

Functional Nurse Practitioners in Collaborative Care

Functional Nurse Practitioner

Functional Nurse Practitioner & IV Clinician

NPs are registered nurses who have a Masters Degree in Nursing and advanced training and experience. Functional nurse practitioners are able to assist physicians with a myriad of health protocols, like:

  • Autonomously diagnose and treat illnesses
  • Order and interpret tests
  • Prescribe medications
  • Perform medical procedures
  • Refer patients to specialists

Our Nurse Practitioners can also:

  • Address core nodes of healing: increase energy, gut health, brain power & mood, balance hormones, detoxification, heart vitality, immune balance.
  • Order and interpret specialized functional medicine testing.
  • Prescribe hormones and Functional Medicine treatments.
  • Make recommendations for nutritional and intravenous treatments, neurofeedback, and other functional medicine services
  • Address lifestyle impacts of relationships, relaxation, stress, nutrition, exercise, sleep.

NPs are known for their nursing-based approach to medicine. They  focus on the patient and their environment as a whole, involve patients in decisions about their care and teach people ways to optimize health and wellbeing.

NPs form a part of the collaborative team of health professionals at LMMD. Our NPs are accepting new patients as well as working with patients who are already in the practice. You may see our physicians for certain problems and the NP for other concerns and your care will be managed seamlessly because our clinicians work as a team.

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