Kelly Ashton


RMT & Reflexologist
Lymphatic Drainage Therapist
Aqua Lymphatic Drainage Therapist
Massage Therapist
Reiki Master

Ready to start the journey to understanding your health?

Hi! I'm Kelly Ashton, Reflexologist at Lynne Murfin MD. Thank you for visiting my page and allowing me to share my credentials with you.

Kelly Ashton

Kelly Ashton's Certifications

Kelly's Current Projects

Kelly has trained and teaches a rare class called Aquatic Lymphatic Therapy which is a very fun, easy and safe water-based therapy. She has practiced Reiki for 24 years and has been been teaching it for over 8 years.
She offers Reflexology, Reiki, Lymphatic Drainage, head, shoulder, lower leg and arm massage, while you get your IV treatments.  Also she will be offering all of the previous treatments as well as full body relaxation or therapeutic massage if her treatment room.


Kelly works with clients who have CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome). This syndrome is generally caused by exposure to mold. She will focus on treating patients with lymphatic drainage to remove toxins such as mold byproducts, cell fragments, fat and protein as well as boosting their immune system.

Special Interest

Kelly specializes in the areas of Therapeutic Reflexology, Touch for Health and Acupressure. Her training was an intensive 4 month course and she has been practicing it for 11 years. She worked at a clinic focused on treating patients with natural and holistic metods for 4½ years, treating patients suffering from bacterial infection, fungus, mold, viruses and paricites. Kelly treated them with reflexology on mainly hands and feet to boost their immune system, reduce inflammation and relax the mind and body.  She also teaches basic reflexology courses for many different purposes such as for care givers, for couples, parents, people caring for the elderly and for men, women and couples dealing with infertility and more.


Kelly is passionate about her work and is always seeking new knowledge. She focuses on helping people heal in mind and body.  She also loves to share her knowledge with informational seminars and teaching other healers to help their family and friends.

The Kelly Ashton Mission

Kelly makes it her mission to educate her clients on all that has to do with the body and their health. She equips them with the ability to advocate for their wellness.

Kelly is extremely excited to be offering many other services at Lynne Murfin MD as well.  She looks forward to meeting you.

For more information please contact the clinic.