Functional Medicine Approach to headaches

A Functional Medicine Approach to Finding the Root Cause of Headaches

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Do you ever wonder what the root cause of your headaches is? Probably not in the middle of having one! Realistically, you just want it gone. The functional medicine approach does not stop at the symptoms. It is a whole-body approach that asks what the root cause of those symptoms is. It’s at the moment you realize that your headaches …

AutoImmune Protocol Diet

AIP Recipes: April’s Fave-5 “GO-TO’s”

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I’m April, Functional Nurse Practitioner & IV Clinician at Lynne Murfin MD. I’m so excited to share my 5 favourite “GO-TO” AIP recipes (autoimmune protocol) for anyone who is just starting AIP and finding daunting. These recipes will prove to get you excited about food again! The autoimmune protocol (AIP) diet is a fairly new, food-based approach aimed at reducing inflammation and …

Food Sensitivity

Food Sensitivities and Inflammation

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“The important thing to realize about this inflammation is that it can appear in any part of the body, including hormone systems, the brain and the cardiovascular system…”

The Key to Healing

The Key to Healing: Part Two

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In the first part of The Key to Healing, we learned that the breath can act as a brain-body bridge, calming down the nervous system and allowing the body to access greater healing and health. Part two of this series will outline why breathwork is so important, and how it can help answer the following questions about the 4 following …


Enhancing Vibrancy: Methylation and Homocysteine

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Methylation and homocysteine are two words that you’ll hear frequently around the clinic. What do these mean and how do they affect your health and vibrancy?