Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

11 Conditions That Benefit From Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

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Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, or LDT, is a gentle and non-invasive treatment that benefits the functions of the human body in many ways. The main system that reaps rewards from LDT is the immune system. LDT gives the immune system a boost, which benefits a myriad of symptoms and conditions that can plague the human body. Conditions such as congestion, swelling, …

The Key to Healing

The Key to Healing: Part Two

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In the first part of The Key to Healing, we learned that the breath can act as a brain-body bridge, calming down the nervous system and allowing the body to access greater healing and health. Part two of this series will outline why breathwork is so important, and how it can help answer the following questions about the 4 following …


Enhancing Vibrancy: Methylation and Homocysteine

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Methylation and homocysteine are two words that you’ll hear frequently around the clinic. What do these mean and how do they affect your health and vibrancy?