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Yoga is a profoundly effective healing tool, and science is ever more recognizing how these ancient teachings contain wisdom that can significantly benefit us today. Sound healing and meditation are also techniques with strong evidence-based medicine behind them to heal the vagus nerve.

Many patients at LMMD have gut health issues as the root cause of their illness. The vagus nerve, cranial nerve x, is the ruler of intestinal function from mouth to anus. It is in charge of gut motility, pancreatic digestive enzyme secretion, parietal cell HCL secretion, and bile salt secretion from the gallbladder - big stuff! When this nerve heals, gut healing can happen.

The tools that we offer in our yoga-related offerings will help you to unlock your inner vitality and physical well-being. You will also discover the strength for personal transformation so that old habits can be transmuted into a new way of being healthy, happy and whole.

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