Functional Medicine explained by Dr. Lynne Murfin

Functional Medicine is a personalized, systems biology–based medical approach that identifies and addresses the root cause of disease. It also identifies underlying health issues and empowers you to take your health into their own hands. With physician guidance, you'll learn any diagnosis can be the result of more than one cause and that each cause may lead to a number of different diagnoses. These causes  depend on many factors like environment, genetics and lifestyle. Functional medicine treatment addresses the diseases' root cause and selects treatment that doesn't only suppress the symptoms of your health issue.

At Lynne Murfin MD, we use a collaborative care model. This gives you a team of doctors and practitioners advocating for your health. This approach also includes you. You will  collaborating with us for your health.

Dr. Lynne Murfin explains the functional medicine approach here...

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Functional Medicine Treatment

A typical Functional Medicine treatment path starts with an in-depth analysis of your total being. We look at your health history, diet, exercise, sleep, genetics, stress levels, nutrient and hormone status. This wealth of information is examined through a systems-lens. It allows the FM practitioner to find the root cause of your symptoms and address the interrelated factors that are currently out of balance.

You will recieve individualised supplementation, nutrition, IV therapy at the clinic. We will also recommend that you implement changes to your work and home environment, mindfulness-based practices, and exercise routines. These are all typically part of the initial stages of healing.

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